Somali girls make history on St. Cloud swim team

Somali girls make history on St. Cloud swim team
October 9, 2017
The two Somali teens say they felt ‘nothing but support’ from their coach and teammates, which encouraged them to become trailblazers.

New Cultural Understanding



Gallery: Suhan Mohamed, in red jacket, chatted with her teammate Rachel Warner before a swim meet at Apollo High School in St. Cloud, Minn., on Thursday, October 5, 2017. Nimo Gohe (not pictured) and Suhan Mohamed just learned to swim this summer and are now on the Apollo High School swim team. Continue reading


Daawo magaalada Nairobi oo maanta uu ka furmay bandhig-dhaqameed loogu magac daray todobaadka dhaqanka Soomaalida.

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Waxaa lagu tilmaamay inay tahay wajiga Xarragada ee 2017. Xaliima Aadan oo dharka xayeeysiisa waxay ku laafyootaa Xijaabkeeda. Waxay ku dhalatay xero qaxooti oo ku taalla Kenya waxaana reerkoodu Maraykanka tageen iyadoo Lix jir ah. Sanadkii hore ayay u tartantay koobka xarragada ee Minnesota, lix bilood ka dibna Milan ayeey wacdaro ka dhigtay. #BBCSomaliTv ayay u warrantay. 

World’s only hijab-wearing supermodel defends garment

IMG_0236World’s only hijab-wearing supermodel defends garment

Tuesday September 12, 2017 – New Cultural Understanding – In November 2016, Denise Wallace, Executive Co-Director of the Miss Minnesota USA pageant got a phone call from 19-year-old Halima Aden, a freshman of St. Cloud State University asking if she could compete – while wearing her hijab.

It was the first time Ms Wallace spoke with the teen, pulling up her information on her computer.

“Her photo popped up. And I remember distinctly going, “Wow, she is beautiful. I mean I just remember that reaction that I had,” Ms Wallace recalled.
Now the world’s only hijab wearing super model, the Somali-American teen said that wearing the headscarf is simply a part of who she is. Continue reading

3rd Edition of the EAC Arts and Culture Festival – JAMAFEST 2017 set for 7th – 15th September 2017, Kampala, Uganda

IMG_01943rd Edition of the EAC Arts and Culture Festival – JAMAFEST 2017 set for 7th – 15th September 2017, Kampala, Uganda


East African Community Secretariat; Arusha, Tanzania; 14 July 2017:
The East African Community(EAC) Secretariat together with Partner States will hold the 3rd edition of the Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki Utamaduni Festival (JAMAFEST) from 7th – 15th September 2017 in Kampala, Uganda.

The main objective of the Festival is to promote regional socio-cultural integration through arts and culture by providing a regional platform to showcase culture as a prime driver of EAC integration.

The JAMAFEST 2017, will run under the theme; “ Culture and creative industries: An Engine for unity and Employment Creation”. A theme Song has been composed and will be played throughout the festival period as part of the publicity campaign of creating awareness of the role of arts and culture in regional integration. Continue reading

First Somali-American art show at Minneapolis Institute of Art spans three generations

August 24, 2017 – New Cultural Understanding
Organized by Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers, the museum’s curator of African art, “I Am Somali” draws its title from a poem of that name . New Cultural Understanding

New Cultural Understanding


Ifrah Mansour’s video/installation “Can I Touch It” is featured in the show “I Am Somali.” 

New Cultural Understanding – Artist Ifrah Mansour was crouched on the floor of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, arranging an enormous headscarf. For days she had been working on her video/installation “Can I Touch It,” a reference to the annoying phrase that people utter after they have already violated someone by touching their pregnant belly, head scarf, tattoo or hair, in Mansour’s case. Continue reading

The Artisan Grace – Poem



The Artisan Grace – Poem

Moment Education Policy
Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Literature Culture Studies – The following excerpt which I use as an introduction to the poem is from an article I wrote in 2007 about the status of the Gabooye community among the Somali people.
“The real tragedy, however, is that these people, the Sab or Midgaan, do not only look like us but are most of the time more handsome than the rest of us, while their struggle for survival over the centuries has made them more intelligent and more resilient. They are our traditional hunters, doctors, blacksmiths, craftsmen, singers, tailors and fashion designers, barbers and hairstylists, hygiene attendants and butchers. We defend ourselves with the weapons they make, cultivate our farms with the plows they fashion, wear the clothes they tailor, eat with the pots and bowls they make, drink from the earthen jars they mould, submit our heads to them to cut our hair, call them to circumcise our sons and daughters, trust them with our necks to cut our tonsillitis, enjoy their music but still we despise them. They speak the same language we speak and pray towards Makkah five times a day like the rest of us. But dare you tell any Somali to pray behind the most learned Imam of the Migdaan and he would rather go to hell. Without them we will be defenceless and perish in the harsh environment of our land but instead of glorifying them we look down on them. Continue reading

Somali-American artists mount ‘huge’ show in Minneapolis’ West Bank neighborhood

IMG_9549Above: From Suhair Barod’s Hope and Faith Series, “Hooyo’s (mother’s) hope” (201), archival inkjet print.

Minneapolis-based Soomaal House of Art collective kicks off its second group exhibition this weekend with an ambitious show spanning three venues in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. “Receptacle” opens Saturday at Chase House Community Room (1530 S. 6th St., 2nd floor, Mpls.) with a spoken word performance by poet Muna Abdulahi. The exhibition is concurrently on view at Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah/ICSA (504 Cedar Av. S., Mpls.) and Masjid Shaafici Cultural Center (400 Cedar Av. S., Mpls.) through Aug. 5. Continue reading

Soomaal House of Art


Soomaal House of Art

Receptacle is an exhibition that features work by thirteen Somali American visual artists, and, at its core, serves to activate the site of exhibition through direct engagement and participation of its audience beyond the show. Central to the focus of their work, participating artists — throughout the creative process —will use every opportunity to embed avenues for collaboration with their audience. This artistic exercise and the final program acts as a receptacle for gathering questions, fostering appreciation, and incubating new ideas while ensuring a valuable connection between place and people.

The exhibit runs from July 8 — August 5, 2017.

Soomaal House  of Art


“Israeli Fashion”,

Moment Research Consultancy

Riprendiamo dal FOGLIO di oggi, 18/03/2017, a pag.VIII, con il titolo “Israeli Fashion”, il commento di Fabiana Giacomotti

Fabiana Giacomotti Shenkar College

Complimenti a Fabiana Giacomotti, mai abbiamo letto un servizio sulla moda in Israele così competente, informato, colmo di informazioni di prima mano. Continue reading